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In the Filderhalle in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, met on 19 March 2011, the best beards and moustaches from all over Europe and even from U.S. comes to the International German Beard Championships. For the first time was fought in 18 different categories for the beard-cups. Premiere was the class of trend beards. A total of 133 participants from 9 countries have made it the 7-member jury is not easy to choose the champion. Beards were offered at its finest. The host Club "Belle Moustache" was in front with six champions. In the beards, there was the reigning world champion Jack Passion its first International German master, who is from San Francisco, USA. Lino Gentile was the winner in the new trend beard-class addition to the Masters Cup rewarded with an original jersey of Kevin Kuranyi (Beard of the year 2006) of the football club Dynamo Moscow with his autograph. The youngest participant was 21 and the oldest participant was 78 years and get a special trophy, as another U.S. participant for the longest journey. It was a successful event in the Filderhalle. President Jürgen Burkhardt took a very positive conclusion. He was impressed by the high-profile facial hair and the large number of participants. It was a highly successful dress rehearsal for the Worldchampionships, on 2 November 2013 will also be held in the Filderhalle. The best beards have re-enforced by the jury. In the title-holders at least a dozen have also already won the world title. Several TV stations from Germany and abroad, including the United States show that well-kept and stylish beards are totally trendy. In several areas of styling Filderhalle dominating proceedings. In the traditional beard categories mainly hair dryer, iron smoothness, hot air brushes and hair spray and hair lacquere are used. In the short and in the form of trend-trimmed beards rather the razor or shaver comes with special attachments to use. This new class is now available internationally for men of all age categories beard.

Here is the result of the International German Championship

You can download the complete results here:

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Internationale Deutsche Bartmeisterschaft 2011

am 19. März 2011 in der Filderhalle in Leinfelden-Echterdingen